Finding a dog or cat to adoptin the Tyler area can be a little challenging as there are multiple shelters and rescues to check with. Shelter dogs are immediately available and stand a chance of not making it out alive, while rescue pets require an application and are fostered so that their temperament and abilities are known before you adopt. These are non-profit entities, but there are fees involved to cover costs. Available pets and application forms can be found on the websites. Here is a list of places to start:

SPCA of East Texas. . Foster program, Adoption center open Saturdays from 10am-4pm at 5318 Old Bullard Rd. Application required.

Tyler Animal Care Center, City or Tyler. Shelter open approx 10am-3pm daily at 3393 W Grande, Tyler services.aspx

Nicholas Pet . No facility, Foster care program. Contact through website. Application required.

Fur-Giving Hearts Rescue. . No facility, foster program. Contact through website or facebook. Application required.

Henderson County Humane Society shelter at 901 W. College in Athens. Worth the drive especially for smaller, purebred dogs.

Northeast Texas Humane Society shelter open daily 303 Enterprise Dr. Longview, TX . Large variety of all sizes including purebreds.

There are at least two new shelters currently under construction in Tyler. Stay tuned to this page for further news.

What happens when people die before their pets do?

Your dog, cat, horse or other animal will be well taken care of for the balance of it's life at Circle Star Pet Haven, paid for with a life insurance policy. For details, go to

Pet Guardian Angels

         of America

PGGA is a free pet information site that provides needed information to help people find the type of pet that fits their lifestyle, then to properly care for the pet both physically and emotionally.  Go to

  Pet adoptions every Saturday


  at SPCA Adoption Center

​  For adoptables go to

Training and Behavior Issues

Tyler Obedience Training Club is an all-volunteer organization that will help you train your dog to become a happy, well-mannered companion. Your dog wants to please you, and many behavior issues are simply a lack of clear communication. Spend 6 weeks and $100 for a lifetime of fun and enjoyment for you and your dog. price with proof of adopting a shelter or rescue dog.

Life is good. 

Life With Pets  is better!

Dog  Events

Check their Facebook page or website for locations for the SPCA East TX monthly Pooches on the Patio and bring your dog for dinner or a snack with like-minded dog lovers.


$65 spay / neuter

Tuesdays, Thursdays

and Fridays

       3405 NNE Loop 323,                    Tyler.

    Call 903-592-7705 for appt.

Are You Looking for a New Furry Addition to Your Family?

There are hundreds of dogs and cats available in East Texas from Rescue/Re-homers.  Mixed and pure-breeds. You can find them at by breed or by geographic region.  Most groups re-homing dogs are also on Facebook. I am happy to help you find the pet of your dreams. Give me a call at 903-714-2172. Please do not buy from a pet store; breeders who sell to pet stores are less concerned about the parent dogs and the puppies they sell than they are about money.  Do not get a dog from Craig's list; too many times it is a dog with serious health or behavior issues, or could even be a dog that has been stolen from it's rightful caregivers.